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Garbage is NOT Renewable Energy

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Quick Answers about "Garbage is NOT Renewable Energy"


Garbage-free Retailers of Renewable Energy and Carbon Offsets

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This list provides a selection of renewable energy certificate (REC) and carbon offset retailers who do not use landfill gas as of September 2007.

When purchasing renewable energy certificates (REC) or carbon offsets, be sure to ask your provider about their energy mix. Ask specific questions about what projects are included, how often this changes, and whether your provider supports energy generated from landfill gas or waste incineration. Choose providers that support new projects that would not have happened otherwise and look for providers who are independently verified to ensure your RECs and offsets are not double-counted or resold.

Company Name


Power Source

Basin Electric Power Cooperative 100% wind
Bonneville Environmental Foundation 100% wind; 100% solar; and 90% wind/10% solar*
Calpine Corporation 100% geothermal

Choose Renewables CleanWatts: 100% wind
Clean and Green 100% wind
Community Energy Inc. 100% wind
Conservation Services Group ClimateSave: 100% wind and solar**
Maine Interfaith Power & Light Wind Watts: wind projects in Maine
Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance (Mass Energy) Wind projects in New England
MidAmerican Energy Wind projects in Iowa***
NativeEnergy Wind, solar, and wastewater and animal waste methane
PPM Energy 100% wind power blocks
Premier Energy 100% wind
Renewable Choice Energy 100% wind
SKY Energy, Inc. 100% wind
Vision Quest Wind projects in Canada
Waverly Light and Power Wind projects in Iowa
WindCurrent WindPower 10R: wind projects from the Mid-Atlantic region
WindQwest Energy 100% wind


* small percentage farm methane projects
** previous offerings of Greener Watts New England did include landfill gas
*** future projects will be determined by customer interest and participation

GRRN does not endorse specific companies or products. This list will not be maintained, and companies may change their policies in the future. This should not be considered a comprehensive list.

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