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This web archive is a summary of a little over a decade of work by GrassRoots Recycling Network, from the late 1990's to about 2002. It was one of the first websites to incorporate environmental non-profit "one-click" activism, where website visitors could just add their name to a petition or endorse a position. As an example, we were able to persuade Coca-Cola to incorporate 10% recycled content plastic into their bottles in the US. We collaborated with other environmental non-profits, local governments and a number of businesses to come up with methods to use zero waste methods.

Since then GRRN has grown into ZeroWaste USA. This organization has been headquartered all over the United States. Currently it resides in California.

This archive has lived on many servers, all over North America. It was stuck together with more force of determination than sensible web design. Many of the external links are broken because pages have moved, sites have changed and internet content continues to morph. In spring 2019, we made efforts to at least make sure the internal links between documents in this archive are working correctly. The site is entirely static. It's still a hodgepodge, with images that could be better compressed and pages that could use better html standards, but the left side menu and the search function are lean and sensible. They should make it possible to find what you're looking for. It should also be navigable with Google's Custom Search, hopefully available in the bottom right footer of every page. If you have any questions about the archive, please contact us at the link at the bottom of any page of this archive.

The below links lead to other archives that are also part of the collaborative efforts done with other organizations and GRRN.




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