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As a result of GRRN’s success in getting Coca-Cola to start using recycled plastic in soda bottles, several recycling corporations approached GRRN about addressing the incredible wastage of plastic soda bottles. For while the ten states with ‘bottle bills’ and deposits on beverage containers recycle 80 percent of their plastic soda bottles, the 40 states without deposits recycle only 10 to 20 percent of their bottles. Coca-Cola and Pepsi has been leading corporate opponents of bottle bills for 30 years. GRRN has maintained from the start of our campaign that solving the beverage container waste problem requires increasing both supply and demand -- that is, both collection of used containers to increase supply and use of recycled content in soda bottles to increase demand.

After a year of talks and activities, an alliance of major businesses and key environmental groups has formed. GRRN is taking the lead in bringing environmental non-profits to the Alliance.

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