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Waste is an Unfunded Mandate.
Last modified: October 09, 2008

Local governments have the most responsibility for handling waste but the least power to compel manufacturers to do anything about it. These five fact sheets detail cutting edge solutions to urgent waste problems and offer model local government resolutions for communities wanting to take action.

All Sheets below are in [PDF] format
Sheet #1 Beyond Recycling: Zero Waste... Or Darn Close
Sheet #2 The Electronics Junkpile:
Environmental Hazard, Unfunded Mandate
Sheet #3 Not an Ounce of Responsibility:
Coke, Pepsi and Plastic Bottle Waste
Sheet #4 Burying Organics Stinks: The Compost Solution
Sheet #5 Build Community Assets by Eliminating Waste

The on-line versions contain active-links to key areas of GRRN's web site, permitting easy and instant connections to a wealth of resources, planning tools, and opportunities to take action, as well as free downloading. Sets of printed fact sheets can also be ordered from GRRN.

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