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Garbage is NOT Renewable Energy

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Landfill and incineration industries have lobbied to have the greenhouse gas emissions from their facilities considered "green energy," worthy of tax credits similar to the ones given to solar and wind energy projects. In fact, "garbage-to-energy" is now being legally classified in numerous states as a "renewable" energy source. This is in direct opposition to the Zero Waste Movement -- our goal is to eliminate waste, not enshrine it as a renewable resource!

Giving tax credits and subsidies to the garbage industry competes against wind, solar and recycling projects, and creates a financial reward for producing garbage and destroying natural resources. In the battle against climate change, we need to act decisively against waste and greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating, not just reducing these sources, and giving priority to clean, carbon-free energy.


You, the well-meaning public and business leaders working to offset your carbon emissions, may be inadvertently spending money on renewable energy credits (RECs) that support the destruction of natural resources and the polluting practices of burning and burying garbage.


Solutions: Yes...there are three things you can do.

Buy only "real green" RECs.

Fortunately there are many good options. Before you buy renewable energy credits (REC) or carbon offsets, ask where the energy comes from and make sure you're supporting new wind and solar projects, not supporting resource destruction and garbage generation. View our list of garbage-free renewable energy retailers.

Start composting and stop greenhouse gas production.

Rotting stuff in the landfill creates the greenhouse gas methane in huge amounts! Learn more about backyard composting and vermicomposting and support the development of municipal composting programs in your area.

Support politics mandating that landfill gas capture from existing landfills is a cost of doing business.

A regulated schedule to reduce the amount of landfill gas generated in the first place should be immediately implemented. Germany is doing this now, and it is our turn here in America!


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