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Last modified: March 23, 2019

ZW Kit
What's In
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What is
Zero Waste?

In April, 2000, Eco-Cycle (Boulder County, Colorado) hosted a public Zero Waste Event at the Boulder Public Library. Having had a great deal of experience producing large scale public events, Eco-Cycle has graciously given us the benefit of their experience, nicely summarized in this Kit.

What is the Kit?

The Zero Waste Event Planner (also referred to as "the Kit") is group of activities that can be used to promote, setup, manage and take down a large public Zero Waste event in your community.

This is what you get:

  • preparation deadlines
  • approximate costs for each activity
  • step-by-step instructions
  • a host of sample documentation
  • tips for achieving the best results without unwanted surprises

  • Where can I get the Kit?
    In an effort to reduce waste, the Kit is only available as the entirely paperless information you are reading now. Any event you plan will involve many costs anyway, including the costs of advertising, catering, speakers, clean up and your own time. So maybe it's good to get a break on the Kit.

    Do I have to use the graphics and videos
    supplied by Eco-Cycle and GRRN?

    While you do not have to use the graphics or videos we have available, there are not very many other resources as of yet, and compared to the considerable costs described above, they are minimal. The 'dog and waste can' are trademarked by Eco-Cycle, and the Zero Waste symbol is trademarked by GRRN. If you use the term 'Zero Waste' for any part of your event or either trademark, you should contact us and tell us about it. To order videos, contact Chris at GRRN. To get the graphics, contact Marti at Eco-Cycle.

    Where to I go from here?
    Start by reading "What's in the Kit?" This will outline your event possibilities. Each activity is easily reachable from the main "Activities" table on this page. If you still aren't sure what Zero Waste is, go to "What is Zero Waste?" From there, you may find that your event could also easily be geared to bring Zero Waste to the attention of public officials who help enact legislation. You can read more about this in "Promoting Zero Waste to Public Officials." For a wider appreciation of Zero Waste, please elect to visit "Zero Waste Resources," an extremely comprehensive knowledgebase of Zero Waste on basic, local, national and international levels. Once your event date has been set and planning is well under way, please consider posting the event on our GRRN community Calendar. We look forward to your event!

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