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Resources compiled by GRRN were last updated in 2002.
For current Zero Waste developments, visit these websites:

North America

EcoCycle (Boulder CO) [off-site]
Zero Waste Alliance
Zero Waste America
Zero Waste California
Zero Waste in NYC


Zero Waste International Alliance [off-site]
Global Alternatives to Incineration Alliance
Zero Waste New Zealand
Canberra, Australia, No Waste by 2010
Zero Waste Kovalam

Annotated ZW Resources by Gary Liss [pdf]

Zero Waste Basics

North America top

  • United States
  • Canada
    • Governmental
      • Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (2002)
      • Toronto Declares Zero Waste! (article - January 2001)
      • Nova Scotia
        • A Summary of the Nova Scotia Solid Waste-Resource Management Strategy
        • Nova Scotia is one of the leading provinces in waste diversion in Canada, having achieved 50% in 2000 by official calculations. They have the most extensive set of disposal bans in North America, beverage container deposits that reward refillables, and other progressive programs.
        • British Columbia, Canada - Thanks to Michael Jessen for these links.
          • Regional groups have embraced the concept of Zero Waste and adopted it as a policy. The new strategy, called "Bringing Zero Waste to Kootenay Boundary – A Strategy for a Waste Free Future" provides a blueprint for moving from concept to implementation. It consists of eight initiatives to be pursued at the local level and ten initiatives involving local government efforts to influence change at the provincial level. The strategy is broad-based, targeting increased materials efficiencies in businesses, local economic development through "resource recovery" and public policy renewal to facilitate the development of a zero waste economy.
          • Thinking for the Future: The Possibility of Zero Waste in the Regional District of Nanaimo - paper for the Regional District of Nanaimo by Normandy Daniels - May 2001.
          • Zero Waste Working Group - a committee of the Recycling Council of BC.
            • Zero Waste Toolkit for Local Government designed to assist local governments in evaluating the benefits and feasibility of using zero waste as a framework for resource management planning.
            • Discussion paper (Zero Waste One Step at a Time - Benefits and Applications for Retail Businesses) introducing the concept of zero waste as a tool to assist retail and other types of businesses to increase their economic efficiency and move towards long term sustainability.
          • Zero Waste North - Information on how zero waste can benefit the local economy and provide new jobs.
    • Non-Governmental

Australia/New Zealand top

Asia top

Europe top

  • Holland, Sweden, Germany, Austria
    • Non-Governmental
      • Sweden Legislates for Sustainability
        • STOCKHOLM, Sweden, May 4, 2001 (ENS) - The Swedish government today underlined its determination to make Sweden the world's most environmentally sustainable nation by proposing a series of legal targets and deadlines for implementing 15 over-arching environmental quality objectives adopted in 1999.
    • Governmental
      • Factor 10 Goals
        • Table from Gary Gardner and Payal Sampat, 'Mind Over Matter: Recasting the Role of Materials in Our Lives', Worldwatch Paper 144, December 1998, page 26.
        • "Within one generation, nations can achieve a ten-fold increase in the efficiency with which they use energy, natural resource and other materials."
  • England
    • Governmental
    • Non-Governmental
      • DEMOS Study calls for national Zero Waste Fund & Agency - (1999)
  • Ireland
    • Non-Governmental
      • Zero Waste Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Isle of Man
    • Non-Governmental
      • Zero Waste Mann
  • Switzerland
    • Non-Governmental
      • Zero Emissions Research Initiative - Head Office
        • "ZERI seeks to create a new paradigm of sustainable industry by targeting zero gaseous, liquid and solid emissions, and by making Zero Emissions a world-wide industry standard."

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Latin America top

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