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As of July 25, 2001
SLOC Waste &
Packaging Guidelines

Material Recommended Alternative Rationale
Shrink Wrap Request metal banding instead Recyclable, and less bulky in dumpsters.
Colored Shrink Wrap Clear, if at all Easier to recycle than colored.
Plastic Packaging/Products Paper (waxed paper is OK) Composting is easier that recycling plastic packaging.
Glass Plastic, or better yet, PAPER Easier disposal, not harmful to waste processors.
Shrink Wrap/Plastic Film Wrap Request no packaging No waste to dispose of at venue.
Any Type of Packaging Back haul to its original warehouse when the truck returns Waste is not disposed of at venue.
Plastic Pallets, Coffee Stir Sticks etc. Wood Compostable
Single Orders Bulk orders Less packaging waste, save a trip, hauling costs.
Foil Packaging (e.g., breakfast bars, disposable cameras) Paper/no packaging Foil is not recyclable.
Styrofoam Paper Styrofoam is not recyclable or compostable.
Small Waste Byproduct (e.g., tattoo clear plastic backing, torn off ends to granola bars) Alternative product without backing, granola bars with pull string-type opening. Extremely difficult to pick up from snow; hard to see until spring.
Disposable Packaging Reusable packaging Less waste at the venue

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