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August 16, 2001
Back of House (BOH) Source Separation Plans

SLOC is implementing the following source separation efforts at the Venues. Additional source separation efforts are being finalized.

  • Glass - No glass food and/or beverage containers are allowed in any garbage cans on the venue unless specifically coordinated with WRCS before the Games. If it is absolutely required that glass containers are disposed of at the venue, the function responsible for the glass should arrange for separate collection of the glass with WRCS or return the glass to the vendor.
  • Mixed Office Paper - Paper will be separated into cardboard recycling bins placed in high paper generation areas (generally Back of House operational areas). Paper will be placed into cardboard/paper-dedicated roll-off bins on the Venue and hauled to Green Valley. Shredding of confidential documents may be required in some operational areas.
  • Cardboard - SLOC staff will flatten cardboard and place it outside the operational area for WRCS pick up or take it to a cardboard/paper-dedicated roll-off bin. WRCS will haul the cardboard in pick up truck to cardboard/paper-dedicated roll-off bins on the venue which will be hauled to Green Valley. Some Venues have cardboard balers that will be used.
  • Bulk Grease - Separate collection is being arranged from the Main Media Center and Olympic Village.

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