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August 16, 2001
Suggested Food & Beverage Packaging Substitution List

Item Suggested Substitution:
Plastic stir sticks Wooden stir sticks
PC salt and pepper table-sized S & P shakers/general use
Plastic Paper (waxed OK) or wood
Sytrofoam/Polystyrene Paper (waxed OK) or wood
Dasani water Dasani without plastic 6 pack holders
Cloth handi-wipes Paper Handi Wipes
Glass Containers Recyclable Plastic (#2 HDPE over #5 PP) containers
Granola bars in foil Granola bars w/ paper and w/o foil
Saran Wrap aluminum foil/wax paper
Hot Styrofoam/treated cups reusable souvenir mugs
Hot cup warmers reusable souvenir mugs
Boxes from box lunches paper bags (not plastic) for bag lunches & buffets
Plastic jar lids (e.g., mayo) metal jar lids
Glass jars of olives/syrup/vanilla/liquor, etc. plastic jars
Paper napkins recycled-content paper napkins
Paper plates and bowls biodegradable EarthShell plates and bowls
Drink boxes bottled (plastic) or canned juices
Foil bags (peanuts/popcorn) waxed paper bags
Plastic utensils, glasses, plates in select areas, washable, reusables instead


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