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August 16, 2001
List of Olympic
Recycling Forum Attendees

Organization Representative
Grass Roots Recycling Network Gary Liss
Coca Cola Scott Vitters
National Assoc. for PET Container Resources Don Kneass
EPA Region 8 Dean Gillam &
Whitney Trulove-Cranor
U.S. Composting Council Ginny Black
Recycling Coalition of Utah Amber Sundin De Birk
National Recycling Coalition Will Ferretti
Product Stewardship Corportation, Manitoba, Canada David Crawford
Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Regina Hawkins
SLOC Environmental Advisory Committee & Utah DEQ Sonya Wallace
SLOC Environmental Diane Conrad Gleason & David Workman
SLOC Waste Removal - Cleaning & Snow Removal (WRCS) -Laynee Jones
SLOC WRCS Jennifer Mabley
SLOC Food and Beverage Don Pritchard
Green Valley Recycle and Compost John Madole
Royal Recycling Jack McGinnis
Weyerhaeuser Kim Albee
SLOC Olympic Village Stephen Sharp
Park City Municipal Corporation, Main Street John Lind
Salt Lake City Recycling Coordinator Debbie Booth
Facilitator Renette Anderson

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