GRRN Colorado Retreat
Fahr Vergnugen... (Transport)

We are assuming most people will be coming from Denver International Airport (DIA), so the information posted here will mainly be about getting from DIA to the ranch.
  • Travel time from Denver International Airport to the Trinity Ranch is almost two hours by car and more by public transportation.
    Please try to get an early flight so you don't have to be on winding roads after dark! We will post bus schedules for those who plan to use local buses, and map directions for those who will drive. We would also like to coordinate rides for car renters, so let Chris know flight arrival options before booking your flight.
  • Rent a car. If you rent a car, let us know so we can coordinate with people who are arriving from the airport at the same time as you. Here is a list of car rental phone numbers from Denver International Airport. The two least expensive seem to be:
  • Budget - 1.800.527.0700
  • and Advantage - 1.800.777.5500
  • Car rental should be about $25 per day. Don't forget to use your AAA or frequent flyer discount!
  • Local Bus. Trinity Ranch lies 20 miles south of Nederland and 8 miles north of Black Hawk. There are public buses from the airport to Boulder, then Nederland (longer), and 'casino buses' from Denver to Black Hawk (shorter). In either case, we will shuttle from the terminus to the camp. We are researching options and will post info here.
  • We will post bus schedules to all who plan to come by bus, and map directions to all who drive. We will also coordinate rides for car renters, so let me know flight arrival options *before* booking.