It's Not the Real Thing
Coca-Cola, Hear What We're Saying
Do The Real Thing
All Along The Trash Tower
Rally Chant

It’s Not The Real Thing
New words by Tedd Ward, Alicia Culver and John Young
To the tune of "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing"
(First performed April 1997 at the Coke Pavilion, Atlanta, Georgia)

I'd like to buy the world a Coke
In recycled PET.
But even better fill it up
again for you and me.

It's not the real thing
Coke isn't, recycling
Coke isn't
It's not the real thing
Coke isn't recycling
Coke isn't recycling

I'd like to buy your soda sweet
but not your plastic waste.
Pollution of our lakes and streams
has made me lose my taste.

It's not the real thing
Coke promised and were listening
Coke promised
It's not the real thing
It's not the real thing
It's not the real thing.

Coca-Cola, Hear What We're Saying

New words by Pat Scanlon
To the tune of "This Land is Your Land"
(First performed by Pat Scanlon and Ford Schumann
in Albuquerque NM, September 15, 1998)

As I was walking
I started thinking
About the Coke
We've all been drinking.

Coke is a classic
No recycled plastic
What can
A recycler do?

Well, we're consumers
We do the paying
So Coca-Cola
Hear what we're saying.

We want our message
To be crystal clear:
No recycled plastic?
Then you're outta here.

Do The Real Thing!

New words by Kat Bennett and Tom Weis, Eco-Cycle, Inc.
To the tune of "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing"
(Pronounce PET as one word: 'pet')

I wish that Coke would start to keep
The promises they made,
'Cause they won't use recycled plastic
Not in the USA.

Eight years ago they said they would,
But that was just for show,
A soda pop blitz photo-op
So they could boast and crow.

Now here we are in '98,
And Coke is at the top,
And virgin plastic's all they use
To bottle all their pop.

Australian Coke, in Europe too,
It's quite a different scene,
It's bottled in recycled PET
To keep our planet clean.

We ask Coke why they choose to lie,
They give us a blank stare,
And blast our brains with ad campaigns
To gain the market share.

Now Coke owns Sprite and Minute Maid,
Fruitopia, Hi-C as well,
They even have a Barbie doll,
Virgin plastic by Mattel!

If Coke continues not to care
What we consumers think
Let's let 'em know we'll spend our dough
On someone else's drinks!

Do the real thing, use recycled PET,
Do the real thing, do right by us yet!
Do the real thing, we know you know how,
Do the real thing,
Why not here? Why not now?

All Along the Trash Tower

New words by Ford schumann
To the tune of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower"

There must some way out of here
Said the plastic to the glass.
There's too much confusion
And i fear my future's trash
Businessmen, they make my kind
Spilling oil on the earth
None of them along the line
Knows what any of it's worth

There's no reason to get excited
The Coke boss finally spoke
There is no one here among us
That think's recycling's but a joke.
The stockholders tell us what to do.
Yes, it's they who call our fate.
Making gobs & gobs of money
While our time is getting late.

All along the watchtower
The people kept the view.
All day long the garbage kept on coming
With lots of plastic too.
Outside in the distance
The garbage mound grows high
And the recyclers kept on coming
For they know the reason why.


Plastic pollution … we have a solution!

Coke … you broke … your promise to recycle!

You will … refill!

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