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Last modified: March 23, 2019
Our federal, state and local government hands out billions of dollars a year in tax breaks, accounting tricks, preferential pricing, and direct give-aways to the very companies that drive our disposal economy – mining and timber firms, waste haulers and landfill owners – and giving them an unnatural competitive advantage over sustainable, resource-conserving enterprises. Today, as successful recycling programs fall victim to the budget axe, waste industries and elected officials promote new tax breaks that will increase rather than reduce what we put in landfills and call the gas from this rotten choice “renewable energy.”
  • Garbage is Not Renewable Energy
    Use your purchasing power to choose only REC and carbon offset providers who provide waste-free energy. Learn More.
  • Welfare for Waste report (1999)
    This 1999 report documents 15 tax and spending subsidies pouring $13 billion over 5 years into industries that compete directly with recycling. By GrassRoots Recycling Network, Taxpayers for Common Sense, Materials Efficiency Project, and Friends of the Earth. Download the report.


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