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Last modified: March 23, 2019
National Beverage Industry Producer
Responsibility Bottle Bill

A new kind of bottle bill

  • national in scope
  • puts the beverage industry in the driver's seat
  • avoids government bureaucracy
  • proven effective approach

National in scope

  • provides same high level of service to consumers across America
  • eliminates current problem of 'fraudulent' cross-border redemptions, which cost both bottlers and the public millions of dollars each year
  • economies of scale
  • recognizes that beverages are traded in a national marketplace

Puts the industry in the driver's seat

  • system will be designed by beverage producers, not imposed on them
  • lets industry do what industry does best: design a cost-effective system that gets the job done
  • will be an extension of their marketing plan
  • will create new private-sector jobs and economic opportunities providing collection, processing, recycling, advertising, management and administration
  • will make American beverage industry more competitive in a global market where 'extended producer responsibility' is the catchword

Avoids government bureaucracy

  • simple system, simple to administer
  • government does what government does best: set standards in public interest, monitor progress, ensure compliance

Proven effective approach

  • similar programs operate at much lower cost than traditional bottle bills
  • similar programs achieve high recycling rates within a short time
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