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Last modified: March 22, 2019

Thanks to Eco-Cycle for sharing these!
(These images are the property of EcoCycle, who has granted GRRN the use of them to further the goals of Zero Waste. If anyone else wishes to use these graphics, please contact EcoCycle and we'll probably grant you permission to do so.)

The dog below harkens back to the old "RCA Victor" dog who listens in to a Victrola record player. (Some of us remember them from before the age of the cd.) The idea is that like children of today who don't know about victrolas, our grandchildren should look at a garbage can and have no idea what it was for.

Zero Waste - Not what you think...
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These "museum-esque" dioramas assume the point of view of our grandchildren taking a historical look at the "quaint and un-enlightened" wasting practices of our age.

Diorama 1
© EcoCycle 2000

Diorama 2
© EcoCycle 2000

Diorama 3
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