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Beyond Recycling! Zero Waste …Or Darn Near.
By Eric Lombardi, EcoCycle, Inc. (2001)

Zeroing In on Zero Waste.
By Bill Sheehan and Daniel Knapp. 2000

Zero Waste: Management Principles
for the Coming Age of Zero Waste

GRRN Green Paper #1 by
Susan Kinsella and Daniel Knapp et al. (1997)

Zero Waste: A New Systems Approach
Gaining Global Ground

by Marti Matsch, EcoCycle (2000)

Zero Waste Apologia for Toronto 2010 Policy
by Warren Snow, Zero Waste New Zealand Trust (2001)

Dr. Paul Connett on Zero Waste
at Target Zero Canada, Toronto (2000)

Zero Waste Philosophy
New Zealand Zero Waste Trust (2000)

What Is Zero Waste?
Target Zero Canada (2000)

Creating Wealth from Waste
by Robin Murray/ U.K. (1999)

What is Zero Waste?
by Gary Liss (1997)

GRRN's Zero Waste Agenda
(1997, 2000)

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Zero Waste Campaign

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