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Long-Term Strategic Direction
[Excerpted from the Oregon Department of
Environmental Quality's Strategic Plan (2000)

DEQ recognizes that there is much more environmental work to be done beyond the work identified by three priorities. This section describes our long-term path utilizing our vision, mission, and long-range goals and objectives. The Strategic Direction provides guidance for setting operational priorities, making operating decisions and allocating resources.


Our vision is to work cooperatively with all Oregonians for a healthy, sustainable environment.

In our vision, we see Oregon as a leader in both environmental quality and a sound economy. Oregon will be recognized for eliminating the accepted belief in a trade-off between environmental and economic stewardship. Financial incentives and regulatory reform will result in greener businesses and technologies that will provide jobs while improving the environment. We will transition from a system of strict regulations to cooperative goal-setting and a flexible means to achieve those goals.

When our vision is realized, decisions affecting the environment will be guided by the understanding that all aspects of life are interconnected, interdependent and cumulative. DEQ is mindful of the needs of this and future generations when establishing policies to promote healthy air, clean water, safe communities and vibrant ecosystems. When we are all working together, Oregon will be a place where all people, communities and businesses assume personal responsibility for preservation and restoration of the environment.

Oregon's Future

  • There is no further degradation of the environment and "special places" are preserved.
  • Our native, wild salmon return in large numbers to plentiful, clean waters.
  • Our skies are free of haze, dust or smog.
  • Work is done with non-polluting technologies and with materials that are either fully recovered or fully returned to a natural state at the end of their product life cycle; there will be "zero waste" in our lives.
We have quite a distance to go to fully realize this future state; but if Oregon's history of environmental stewardship says anything about our destiny, we cannot help but be successful in achieving it. DEQ plays a significant role in leading Oregon towards this future, and we have crafted our mission to guide us.

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