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Liberal Democrat Waste Charter
Last modified: March 22, 2019

The Liberal Democrat approach to waste management recognises the importance of first minimising the amount of waste that we produce and then re-use and recycling before landfill or incineration.

Liberal Democrats want to see:
  • A presumption against landfill or incineration and in favour of recycling and composting.
  • Revenue from future increases in landfill tax rates channelled back to local authorities for investment in a national programme of waste reduction, recycling and composting.
  • Progressive targets aiming towards achieving a long term target of zero industrial waste to landfill within the next 40 years
  • The setting of radical targets and action plans for recycling and composting as part of local waste plans.
  • Tough targets and incentives for industry to minimise the amount of waste and packaging that we produce.
  • An increase in the amount of recycled material that is used in certain products to create markets for recycled materials and products.
The Liberal Democrats are concerned that the Government's forthcoming waste strategy will be too timid, putting too little emphasis on recycling and too much on incineration as an alternative to landfill.

Though incineration, with recovery of energy generated through combined heat and power may be necessary in some cases as a last resort, we are worried at a recently leaked report by the USA Environmental Protection Agency that has again highlighted the danger of dioxins to human health. Dioxins are one of the compounds released by incinerators burning household wastes.

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