This is a Hopi
(US southwest) representation of a serpent eating its tail.

Note: Thanks to Kristin Klossner for suggesting this is probably a Hopi symbol. Because this is a modern interpretation on wood, this sand painting is probably a 'mock' painting with slightly altered symbolism that does not include the more sacred and unviewable power symbols that would be inappropriate for the ritually-unprepared to view.
(Please let me
know if you know a precise derivation of this piece.)

Sometimes the serpent (or worm in some representations) is thin, sometimes thick, but nearly always, the head faces the tail in a seeming attempt to consume itself.

As a side note, most representations show the head of the serpent facing a clockwise direction -- not sure why something that specific would be so global. Notice that the arrow heads on the recycle symbol go clockwise too? Hmm...

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