City Council of the City of Point Arena, California


A Resolution in support of consumer action calling on Coca-Cola to use recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in their bottles.

Passed Unanimously January 11, 2000

WHEREAS, the City of Point Arena is charged with achieving a goal of reducing 50% of all discarded materials generated in the City by the year 2000; and

WHEREAS, while the market value of recycled PET has varied widely over the years, the market conditions prevailing now and in recent years have contributed to declining recycling rates for PET bottles each year; and

WHEREAS, FDA-approved technology exists today to incorporate recycled PET into new beverage containers, and proven technology for refillable plastic bottles also exists; and, in fact both of these processes are being done by Coca-Cola itself in many nations throughout the world; and

WHEREAS, it is widely acknowledged that the use of recycled PET in the production of beverage containers would have an enormous positive impact on the value of recycled PET; and

WHEREAS, the Coca-Cola Company has made the marketing decision to increase its use of PET plastic and move away from the use of easily recyclable glass and aluminum for their containers.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Point Arena supports the consumer action calling on Coca-Cola to use recycled PET in their bottles, thereby closing the recycling loop, and returning a measure of rationality and profitability to the operations of our nation's public and private recycling programs; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Point Arena calls upon Coca-Cola to commit to the introduction of refillable plastic bottles in the U.S. market, similar to those in use by Coca-Cola in other countries, and to commit to the sales of 5% of its packaged soft drinks in such refillable containers in the U.S. by 2003.

The foregoing Resolution was approved and adopted on the 11th day of January, 2000, by the following roll call vote:

Ayes:   Councilmembers Tanti, Gallagher, Wasserman, Keipp, Dahlhoff
Noes:   None.
Absent:   None
ATTEST:   s/Leslie Dahlhoff, MAYOR
    s/Fred D. Patten, CITY CLERK

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