March 16, 2001

Marti Matsch
Chris Sparnicht

Ready for Earth Day:
Zero Waste Activity Kit

Recycling advocates unveil free kit that turns
recycling paradigm on its ear.

Athens, GA -- - Just in time for Earthday 2001, Eco-Cycle and GrassRoots Recycling Network released a free Zero Waste Activity Kit. The kit shows citizens how to organize educational community events promoting Zero Waste. The kit gives detailed pointers and tips based on a successful event organized by EcoCycle in Boulder, Colorado, for Earth Day 2000.

"The kit is a great way for local advocates to present folks in their home town with a fun introductory event," said Bill Sheehan, GrassRoots Recycling Network coordinator. "In the course of having a good time they learn that recycling starts with good product design and easy product return."

"Zero Waste underlines the importance of recycling, but also underlines the limitations of recycling," said Dr. Paul Connett, chemistry professor and anti-incineration expert. "We have to go beyond dealing with this problem at the back-end. This kit shows how citizens can make a difference in their community."

"What goes into the bin at curbside should show up re-assembled in products on store shelves and not in landfills," said Marti Matsch of Eco-Cycle. "The kit helps local environmental groups draw the commercial and residential communities together,
steering our future away from landfills and towards Zero Waste."

The kit includes everything needed to make your Zero Waste Activity a success:

  • public announcements, press releases, contests & receptions
  • how to find a guest speaker
  • how to secure a public meeting space
  • model local government resolutions
  • posters, bus ads (available separately from EcoCycle)

Included are tips on how to make each part of an event go smoothly from folks who've been through it, and instructions for adding new event plans and results to the Web site.

The kit is available at this web address:
Click on "Zero Waste" in the left-hand menu, then click on "Plan a Zero Waste Event in Your Community." A link-button is included that can be added to other web sites.


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