Pepsi Take it Back Campaign
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Pepsi Mailing Label

MAIL a Pepsi plastic bottle back to Pepsico Inc.
It's simple!
  1. MAKE your own mailing label to the address below or CLICK on the label below and you will jump to a web graphic which has ONLY the mailing label on it so that it is convenient for you to print out.

    Be sure to add message like:  "Please recycle this plastic into your next plastic bottle!"

  2. RINSE out a 20-ounce or 2-liter plastic Pepsi bottle, crush it or not, and put the cap back on.

  3. TAPE the mailing label securely to the bottle.

  4. ADD postage and your return address.

  5. TELL us what you did.  E-mail us at:  (Bill Sheehan)
Link to Pepsi Mail it Back Label

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