California Resource Recovery Association

Adopted July 8, 2001

Whereas, the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City is promoting itself as a "Zero Waste" event, and

Whereas, the Global Recycling Council (GRC), the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) and the GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN) have been leaders in the nation in advocating for Zero Waste, and

Whereas, the Salt Lake Olympics Committee (SLOC) has contracted with a firm to process commingled recyclables and wastes collected from the public in a mixed waste MRF, and

Whereas, the SLOC is promoting this as preferable to the "recyclables," "compostables" and "trash" system used in the Sydney Australia Olympics as it is "simple: single containers for all trash" as reported in Waste News of July 5, 2001.

Now, therefore be it resolved by the Board of Directors of CRRA that:

  1. CRRA applauds the SLOC adoption of a goal of "Zero Waste".
  2. The Zero Waste goal will only have value if a more comprehensive plan for reducing waste and reusing, recycling and composting materials collected is implemented. The planned system that was reported to process all materials collected as mixed waste will not achieve the SLOC's stated Zero Waste goal. If the SLOC chooses not to modify its purchasing and service plans for the Olympics, it should not describe this system as a "Zero Waste" system.
  3. CRRA urges the SLOC to reconsider and use a source separation system with containers co-located next to each other in each public location, and aggressive education, signage and on-site monitoring to direct attendees to use the correct bins. CRRA also urges the SLOC to source separate from all major commercial and industrial generation of materials at the Olympics, including corrugated cardboard, office paper, discarded food, yard trimmings, and construction and demolition debris, for appropriate reuse, recycling and/or composting at their highest and best use. Source separation is needed to engage the public in helping to meet the Zero Waste goal, to maximize the diversion of materials, and to ensure the highest quality of materials collected. This would also set a new standard for such athletic events all over the world, which is an appropriate outcome of such leadership.
  4. CRRA urges the SLOC to arrange for the sole use of recyclable materials for all beverage containers distributed or sold at the Olympics and compostable flatware and plates for all food functions where reusable products are not used. CRRA urges that the SLOC require the maximum use of recycled content and green building materials in the construction of facilities for the Olympics.
  5. CRRA urges the SLOC to immediately establish a Zero Waste advisory committee and obtain the necessary expertise to expand its current plans for the Olympics to truly achieve Zero Waste, or darn close. The SLOC should also make public on a timely basis all the tonnages of waste generated, diverted and landfilled from the construction of facilities, events and deconstruction and demolition at the close of the Olympics.
  6. CRRA will share this resolution with the Utah Recycling Association and the National Recycling Coalition and ask for their help and support in implementing this resolution.


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