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Last modified: March 23, 2019

All photos, logos and documents on the GRRN website which are not otherwise copyrighted or trademarked are the property of GrassRoots Recycling Network and protected under the copyright of GRRN.
Please right or call to ask permission to use them.

Media Photos and Documentation:

All photos in the media section are made available for use in any publication, but must include a photo credit in small legible letters: "Photo courtesy GRRN" adjacent to one side of the photo. If the publication is web-based, we ask for a link in the photo credit to this link: http://www.grrn.org.
Please send me an email prior to publication, telling me which photo(s) you are using and which document(s) you are quoting. We wouldn't mind receiving a complimentary copy of the finished publication!

Unsolicited Photos, Logos, other assorted graphics:
Have you got a photo or graphic that involves Zero Waste that you think we might be interested in making available to other non-profits? If you wish to send any of these items to us, please inquire first with copy of the graphic attached as a jpeg or within the body of an email, no more than 350 pixels wide or 350 pixels high. Please note: we do not pay for unsolicited photos, logos or graphics.
We need from you:

  • Copyright control - while graphics would be made available for use to all legitimate groups, we reserve the right to disallow use by individuals or groups, commercial, non-profit or otherwise for any reason. (Generally this means we want to make sure greenwashers can't use your graphic to co-opt the meaning of zero-waste.) You'll need to state clearly in your email that we are permitted to retain all copyright control of your specified graphic(s).
  • Credit information - we would need your name and contact information so that those who use your graphic may thank you for creating it and let you know they are using it.
  • Later - If your graphic is appropriate for our site, we will probably ask for it in a universally editable form such as a fireworks png or editable photoshop eps format that will allow for high resolution reproduction at any local printshop.

Regarding publication of GRRN copyrighted unsolicited graphics, etc. published elsewhere:
We need from you:

  • Letter of request - Please send a letter telling us which graphic(s) you would like to publish, where and when. As suggested above - we reserve the right to deny use for any reason.
  • Letter of thanks - After we have approved your use of any particular graphic, please send an email to the creator of the graphic, letting them know you plan on using their fine work.
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