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Last modified: March 22, 2019
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The Issue

EPA is proposing to exempt hazardous petroleum refining wastes from regulation under RCRA if they are processed into synthesis gas in a gasification facility. EPA is also seeking comment on extending the exclusion to a broad range of toxic substances generated by industries other than the petroleum refining industry, including municipal solid waste and sewage sludge. Yet expansion of the exclusion to all hazardous secondary materials renders gasification more akin to waste treatment than to manufacturing. EPA even proposes to exempt off-site wastes at point of generation. Once exempt, there would be no way of ensuring that such hazardous material reached its destination.


EPA Proposed Gasification Rule [off-site]
EPA Docket Number F-2002-RPRP-FFFFF, published March 25, 2002 - Regulation of Hazardous Oil-Bearing Secondary Materials From the Petroleum Refining Industry and Other Hazardous Secondary Materials Processed in a Gasification System To Produce Synthesis Gas.

Waste Gasification Impacts on the Environment and Public Health [pdf] [off-site]
Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, April 1, 2002

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