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Waste Separation Facilities -
an alternative perspective...

There has been a lot of information going around about waste separation,
MERFS and super MERFS.

What everyone seems to be forgetting is that most homes already have the
best waste separation facility already installed.

I refer of course to the Waste Integration Final Extraction units installed
in most homes - hereinafter referred to as the WIFE. These units
successfully separate waste into its different recyclable constituents,
without any cost to the local waste collection authority, and with no
further need to finance expensive waste management units.

They do of course work alongside the Household Utility for Separated and
Biodegradable Ancillary Normalisation Dissemination units (HUSBAND's) -
which are normally utilised to effect the delivery of separated waste on
collection days.

Some of these units are being trialled in test areas, with remarkable
results - 90 to 95% implementation, 60 to 70% recycling achievement, and at
no extra cost to the waste collection authority.

When considered against the cost of wheely bin style collections and MERF
technology, the WIFE and HUSBAND technologies show significant success at
minimum cost.

It is a wonder that more authorities are not implementing WIFE and HUSBAND
units as standard.

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