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Visit Silicon Valley Toxics Association's ECCC page:
Just Say No to E-Waste: Background Document on Hazards and Waste from Computers
Materials For Future publications
Materials for the Future Foundation
National Recycling Coalition
The National Recycling Coalition has formed an Electronics Recycling Advisory Council to help craft new electronics policies favoring reuse and recycling. Periodic on-line "chats" serve as a national forum where people across the country can dialogue about issues and solve problems.
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Plug into Electronics Reuse
by Brenda Platt and Jennifer Hyde
1997, 47 pages - $15.00
This report provides contact information on 150 computer recovery facilities as well as in-depth profiles of the operating experiences of 13 that focus on computer reuse. Operations profiled are all replicable and many are interested in starting similar enterprises in other cities.

The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition is taking the
lead on the
Clean Computer Campaign.
Other key partners include:
Repair, Resale and
Reuse Council

(CRRA) Contact: Ann Schneider
(650) 962-0404
Materials for the Future Foundation
Contact: Sheila Davis
(415) 561-6530
Greenpeace Center for a
New American Dream
The Calvert Group GrassRoots Recycling Network
...and other organizations

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