[Press Update for the Recycle Congress Campaign, October, 25 2000.]
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Congress is racing toward adjournment without effectively addressing the need for fundamental improvements in its recycling program. Indications are that recycling coordinators will be hired for the House and Senate soon, due in part to the pressure brought by our campaign.

The Senate also directed the Architect of the Capitol to develop a new training program and provide an incentive for staff to participate, both of which are a direct result of GrassRoots Recycling Network work with the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Unfortunately, the Architect of the Capitol is trying to convince key members of Congress that the recycling program is working well, despite evidence to the contrary in the public record and problems captured in the "Congress caught on tape" video produced for the Recycle Congress campaign effort by Sustain.

Congress needs to practice real "source separation" to keep the most valuable kinds of paper and other recyclables out of landfills and generate much higher levels of revenue.

Please keep the cards and letters going to members of the House and Senate urging them to adopt a real recycling and waste prevention program.

And stay tuned to this space. We will continue to press Congress to adopt real recycling during the "lame duck" session and in the new Congress in January 2001.

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