Tips for Volunteers

Tips On Recruiting Volunteers

Successful volunteer recruitment starts with communicating your enthusiasm for the cause and the event. Let people know why the Coke - Take It Back Campaign is important to you and your group. Media events can be fun and people who have never organized an event may be some of the best volunteers.

Thanks for supporting the campaign! Your participation is vital to mobilizing the grassroots.

1. Make a list of people from work, groups you belong to, family and friends who share your interest in recycling and the environment. Also, make a list of groups you think may be interested even if you have never contacted them before.

2. Call at least a half dozen people from the list(s) who you believe will help because it is you calling. Describe the Coke campaign briefly (in 30 seconds to a minute) and ask for their help. Ask them for names of other individuals or groups that would support the campaign. Ask them to make a few calls (keep a list of who they agree to contact) and check back in 3 or 4 days. Thank everyone you talk to for their time and contribution.

3. Hold an informal planning meeting at work, your organization's office or at home. Provide refreshments. Get people involved at the meeting by making signs or taking some other action that contributes. Ask everyone to commit to a specific task. (Use the event checklist, put a list up on the wall and put names of individuals agreeing to take on a specific task.) Thank everyone for coming!

4. Some volunteers may help with preparations but can not come to the event, perhaps because it is a work day. Let them know their help is vital nonetheless. Once they complete a task, ask them for names of other individuals who may want to help. Volunteer recruitment and retention is a process. Most people are more likely to enlist others once their own commitment is solidified.

5. If you are planning a demonstration and have more lead time, then plan to meet more than once. Get everyone to help complete a specific task at each meeting. For instance, do a mailing to groups and/or members at least 2 or 3 weeks before the event with a one page flyer. Feel free to duplicate the action alert and put event details in with it.

6. Delegate. Volunteers who show up repeatedly and complete tasks on time are your leaders. Given them praise and encouragement at every opportunity.

7. Make thank you calls and send thank you messages regularly.

It is great to have your help in this campaign. Give us a call if you need further assistance. Your feedback on the kit is also appreciated. Thanks again!

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