Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Student Government Association

Resolution Concerning Campus Policies on Recycled Drink Containers

Introduced November 15, 1999

[Resolution 33slXX submitted by Jason D. Hamad
"Resolution Concerning Campus Policies on Recycled Drink Containers"]

Whereas, the Student Government Association is the official voice of the students of Emory University; and

Whereas, Monday, November 15, the day this bill shall be introduced, is America Recycles Day; and

Whereas, the goal of America Recycles Day is to convince Americans to buy recycled products; and

Whereas, The Coca-Cola Company, as a member of The National Soft Drink Association, is a sponsor of America Recycles Day; and

Whereas, Emory University has had a special relationship with Coke for many years; and

Whereas, many university facilities sell drinks in containers such as bottles or cans; and

Whereas, aluminum cans and glass bottles contain relatively high recycled content; and

Whereas, Coca-Cola stated in 1990 that it would sell its products in bottles containing recycled plastic, yet, like other industry leaders, currently uses virtually no recycled plastic in bottles sold in the United States; and

Whereas, Coca-Cola currently sells bottles made with recycled plastic in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Sweden, and uses refillable bottles in other countries; and

Whereas, the Student Government Association wishes to promote recycling and the sale of recycled materials on campus.

Therefore let it be resolved by the 33rd legislative session that the following is the official statement of the SGA regarding the sale of all drinks on campus:

The university should adopt a policy stating that all drinks sold in prepackaged containers on campus must be sold in containers with at least 25% recycled content. 

This policy should be enacted to ensure that the efforts to recycle on campus do not go to waste, and that the recycling loop is closed by making sure that drink containers sold on campus do not needlessly waste natural resources.

This policy would benefit all members of the Emory community, and could encourage others to change their recycling policies.

Let it further be resolved that this resolution shall be sent to all relevant persons, including university President William Chace, Provost Rebecca Chopp, Vice President and Dean for Campus Life Frances Lucas-Tauchar, University Secretary Gary Hauk, Associate Vice-President for Campus Life Ron Taylor, Assistant Dean of Campus Life and the Director of Student Activities Karen Salisbury, Division of Campus Life Food Service Liaison Helen Jenkins, University Senate President John Boli, University Senate Committee on the Environment Chair Bill Size, as well as the University Senate and the Board of Trustees.

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