Coca-Cola Mailing Label

MAIL a Coke plastic bottle back to the Coca-Cola Company.
It is simple!

  1. MAKE your own mailing label to the address below or CLICK on the label below and you will jump to a webpage which has ONLY the mailing label on it so that it is convenient for you to print out.

    Be sure to have a message like:  "Take this bottle back -- and USE IT AGAIN!"

  2. RINSE out a 20-ounce or 2-liter plastic Coke bottle, crush it or not, and put the cap back on.

  3. TAPE the mailing label securely to the bottle.

  4. ADD 55 cents postage and your return address.

  5. TELL us what you did.  E-mail us at:  (Bill Sheehan)

GRRN says "Thanks!" to the Integrated Waste Management Authority of San Luis Obispo County, California, for providing us with the graphic of the mailing label so that we could make it available to you.  Last year on America Recycles Day 1997, the Authority took out full page ads in local newspapers urging Coke customers to send their empty Coke bottles back using this mailing label.

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