Letters to Coke from Kids

A sampling of letters from kids in Decatur, Georgia. Sorry
we cannot reproduce the lovely art work contained in these letters.


Dear Mr. Ivestor,

I feel that Coke should recycle because a group called the Key Club from Decatur High School is encouraging people to buy recycled products so people wonít buy any non-recycled products. Your company will go out of business. I do not want that to happen because I love Sprite, one of your products. Please recycle!


Jill Age 9 Ĺ
Westchester Elementary

Did you teach your kids to keep their promises? If so, youíre not keeping yours. If not you should not be a parent. Please be a good president, and make your parents proud by recycling. The earth will go and never come back.



Coke produces a lot of trash by not using recycled material. Why do you hurt the earth when itís so easy not to?

Please use recycled material in your bottles.


Why does Coke not recycle? If you buy recycled materials it will help all of us. I like Coke but it makes me sad to think Coke hurts the Environment so much. Please use recycled material in your bottles!

Molly Age 9

I like your product. But youíd better start recycling. BUT NOTHIN!


I want you to know that recycling helps save the earth! It keeps air, water, and land clean. I think it is awful that Coke bottles arenít made from recycled products, and I want you to change your ways. You are making eco-conscious kids MAD! Help out, pitch in.


You are a very important man when it comes to the bottling of Coca-Cola. I wish that you had followed through with your promise to use recycled material in your bottles. That was eight years ago, and you still havenít started. Please, I like your products, but Iíd rather buy environmental friendly products.

Your friend,

Emily 10th Grade

I think you should make Coke Cans and bottles out of recyclable materials. I think it would help your sales too. Why donít youóyou said you would.


Taylor 4th Grade

Although I love Coke, I think that you should start using recycled products like you said you would in 1990. Recycling is good because then the land wonít be polluted and a lot of animals wonít start to die. Recycling keeps air, water, and land clean! That does a lot of work, and it is not hard for you to do at all! So please for me, the land, and the animals, recycle the Coke bottles! Thank you!

Your friend,


I think itís bad that people break their promises. And at Coke, you have yet to keep yours. Please recycle all of your products. Please sell only recycled materials. Please keep your promises. Itís sad to me that a company so admired world-wide hurts the environment as much as you do. Thank you.

Your friend,


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