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The Blue Mountain Center hosts 12 conferences each year for up to 25 people during the spring (May 1 - June 15) and fall (November). The purpose of the meetings is to bring together those working on pressing social problems such as civil liberties, environmental health and safety, peace, and economic justice. Conferences are planned six months in advance; most are initiated by the Center - the facilities are not "for rent" by the public - but the Director welcomes suggestions regarding the program.

A foundation grant enables the Center to make its facilities available at no cost to conferees. (Voluntary contributions are always welcome, of course.) Accommodations are simple but comfortable, including bedrooms with linens and towels, shared bathrooms, and 3 hearty meals a day. Alcohol is permitted but not provided. Swimming, boating, hiking, tennis and other recreation activities are available. The Center is a turn-of-the-century Adirondack lodge in a pristine and peaceful setting of woods, lakes and mountains. The large living room is suitable for meetings, stocked with easel pads, blackboard, slide projector, grand piano, coffee maker and tv/VCR. In keeping with our function and philosophy of offering a retreat from the hectic outside world, there is only one pay phone and e-mail connection; we can make photocopies in very small numbers only.

Conference participants provide their own transportation. The nearest airport is Albany, NY, a 2 hour drive from the Center. Cars and vans can be rented there from the major rental companies. Amtrak trains from NYC (Penn Station) go to Albany-Rensselaer, where car rentals are available.

During the summer writers and artists live and work at the Center for 4-week residency sessions. Admission to the Residency Program is competitive; applications must be submitted by February 1. For information, see our Web site
The Center is closed from late November until May 1.

For more information write or call:
Harriet Barlow, Director
Blue Mountain Center
P.O Box 109
Blue Mountain Lake, NY 12819

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