Conference Center FAQ

  • Hot water in Main House can be very hot -- test it before getting under the shower. Our tap water comes from a nearby mountain spring and has been tested and found pure.
  • Clearing up after meals is a self-help proposition: please rinse your plates and put them in the "dirty dishes here" dishwasher. Food scraps go in the blue can next to the sink. Bring the serving platters to the steel table in the kitchen.
  • At all times you may help yourself to food and drink in the refrigerators, pantry and cookie jars. Please remember that the kitchen is the staff's work place; try and stay out of their way when they're working, and put away what you take out.
  • Recycle cans and bottles in boxes under both of the kitchen sinks.
  • Please smoke outside only. There are ashtrays on the porches.
  • When you go boating you must wear life jackets! They are in the closet outside the Boathouse. Please use boats that are in slips, not on racks. Tennis, volleyball, basketball & horseshoes are available. Bicycles are in the garage.
  • Ask us about local hikes. When hiking on the 4000 acre property, we ask that you respect neighbors' private property signs. If you take off on a long trek, let someone know you're going, and we'll try to find you if you get lost.
  • Remember to turn out the lights when you leave your room. People staying in the Gray Cottage should turn off the path lights when not needed (switch is just inside side door).
  • First aid cabinet & drawers (in the kitchen) have band-aids, itch remedies, aspirin, vitamins, Pepto-Bismol, etc.
  • Before you leave, the housekeeping staff appreciates your stripping the sheets from your bed and depositing them, along with your towels, in the laundry room behind the kitchen.
  • We hope you have a comfortable and productive stay. If you have any questions or needs, just ask the staff. Do sign the Guest Book. In case of emergency, Randy Roberson can be found in his room in the back wing of the Main House.
  • The phone number in the office is 518-352-7391. We will take messages.
    The pay phone in the Living Room is 518-352-9769

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