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Last modified: March 23, 2019

Recycling Proposal (Proxy Item No. 6) [page 20]

Pepsi's Response:

PepsiCo has a longstanding commitment to the environment, and our record of stewardship reflects that. Soft drink containers are the most recycled consumer packaging in the United States. And over time the amount of plastic and aluminum used to make each of our cans and bottles has been reduced significantly.

We are also expanding our use of recycled materials. Each year in the U.S. our cans are made with more than 50% recycled aluminum and millions of pounds of recycled plastic are used to make Gatorade bottles. Additionally, Pepsi-Cola will begin using recycled plastic in its bottles in 2002, with a goal of using 10% recycled material in its bottles by 2005. We know that it is technically and economically feasible to produce a food-grade container made with 10% recycled content, so we believe achieving that rate is a reasonable action.

As for raising package recovery rates, we promote curbside recycling programs. We do not believe it is appropriate to mandate a recovery rate on a manufacturer. However, PepsiCo will continue to work with its bottlers and the communities they serve, along with suppliers and trade associations, to assure that we remain the most recycled consumer packaging company in the United States and to identify ways to raise recovery rates economically.

The Board of Directors recommends that shareholders vote AGAINST this resolution.

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