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National Beverage Producer
Responsibility Act of 2002
A new approach to container recycling that addresses concerns of the industry stakeholders without compromising the public interest.

BEAR Report [top]
A January 2002 report on beverage container recycling suggests that we can double recovery of beverage containers - and save money at the same time. These are the findings of a study carried out under the watchful eyes of both beverage industry and environmental representatives, through Businesses and Environmentalists Allied for Recycling (BEAR).

Essential Elements [top]
Based on the BEAR report, participants from public interest and government organizations developed a list of essential elements of deposit systems that maximize environmental performance while giving industry flexibility to minimize costs. Below are analyses of existing North American deposit systems that embody different elements and a link to a website with descriptions of all North American deposit systems.

Aluminum Can Wasting in America (July 2002)
Trashed Cans: The Global Environmental Impacts of Aluminum Can Wasting in America. This report by the Container Recycling Institute documents the sharp rise in aluminum can wasting over the last thirty years and draws a detailed picture of the environmental impacts of extracting energy and resources to replace wasted cans. [off-site]

Refillable Beverage Containers

Anti-Trust Boondoggle[top]
Here's a breathtaking story -- how Coke and Pepsi got Congressional exemption from anti-trust for their exclusive distributor franchises based on their testimony to preserve the environmental benefits and economic necessities of small businesses operating a system based on refillable bottles. Within months of passage in 1980, however, Coke and Pepsi began dismantling the refillable infrastructure and eliminating mom & pop bottlers. Coke and Pepsi should be held responsible for providing increased environmental benefits under the current system or Congress should remove the exclusive (and very profitable) franchises enjoyed by the distributors. Hence the rationale for an EPR-style bottle bill to level the playing field.

Press Releases [top]

* GrassRoots Recycling Network works closely with Container Recycling Institute on the Beverage Campaign. Many of the materials on this site were developed with CRI.

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