Coca-Cola Campaign

Greenpeace's Coke Campaign
Greenpeace has a new Coke page that focuses on the company's use of HFCs and how they contribute to climate change.
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Industry Links

The Coca-Cola Company The largest soft drink company in the world. United States market share: 44% (vs. Pepsi 32%), Global market share: 50% (vs. Pepsi 20%).

National Soft Drink Association NSDA is Coke and Pepsi's lobbying arm that works to deflect negative publicity form the soda giants and to defeat producer responsibility mandates like bottle bills across the United States.

National Association for PET Container Resources NAPCOR is a national trade association that "promotes and facilitates the collection and recycling of #1 PET plastic." NAPCOR's member companies are PET resin producers, -- including Amoco, Shell, DuPont, Eastman --PET bottle manufacturers, and suppliers to the PET industry.

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